Kickboxing for Adults

The benefits of kickboxing just keep on giving: fitness, strength, flexibility, confidence, self-defence, great workouts and more…

Kickboxing can take you further than you thought you were ever capable of. Whether you can touch your toes (or even see them) or not, it doesn’t matter. It won’t be long before you’ll be kicking higher, punching harder and faster, learning a set of techniques and skills that will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

With fun, varied classes including techniques, partnerwork and sparring, you’ll also be learning an effective, practical form of self-defence as well as being more aware of your surroundings and how to react to situations.

If you want, you’ll also have the opportunity to test your fighting skills against others at regular competitions around the country.

And of course, attaining your Black Belt is something you’ll be proud of all your life!