Kickboxing for Kids

Even from the age of five years old, kickboxing provides a healthy, active, practical skill built on a foundation of discipline, and respect for others.

Our junior classes are taught in a safe, controlled environment, encouraging the students to push themselves physically and mentally, but always recognising and adapting to each one’s capabilities.

We design our classes to be fun and enjoyable with plenty of laughter but always with an eye to working hard and improving their skills.

With plenty of partnerwork sessions, the children get to work with others of different ages and abilities and are encouraged to help and support them. This ethos of respect, discipline and community runs through everything we do at KR Kickboxing and we expect our young students to take this out of the class and into their daily lives.

Although the junior classes are centred around the children, we actively encourage parents and other family members to join in as this helps to reinforce the child’s training.