“ At your home or gym, we will work with you to inspire you to achieve your personal goals ”

We all know we should do something regularly to stay fit and healthy; it's difficult to inspire yourself to ’get up and go’. BUT! Commit to yourself and we'll be right beside you, encouraging that inspiration, helping to a fitter, stronger and healthier you.
At KR Fitness we take a full analysis of your lifestyle and current fitness levels. We then find your personal preferences in exercise and build a unique program tailored to you.
We'll supply all equipment you'll need and show you how to use it safely and ensure maximum effect to you.
Call us, and start yourself on the road to being fitter, stronger and healthier!
Roger: 07710 132647
Kat: 07723 079039
An hour's PT is £30. Block booking discounts available. Ask us for details.